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życzenia wielkanocne po angielsku

Życzenia wielkanocne po angielsku

1. Rejoice in the glory of our Lord
and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the savior.
Reach out to family and wish them a blessed Easter.

2. May you find happiness
in every direction your paths take you.
May you never lose your sense of wonder,
and may you hold your sense of humor
you use to brighten the lives
of everyone who know you.
May you keep on trying to reach for your stars.
May you never forget how wonderful you are.

3. May you always be patient with the problems of life,
and know that any clouds will eventually
give way to the sunlight of your most hoped-for days.
May you be rewarded with friendships
that get better and better,
and with love that blesses your life forever.

4. Easter is a time of love,
of family, and of peace.
It is a time when we say
a quiet thanks for all
that we have and for all
that the future holds.

5. Easter is a very special time of year
Filled with laughter, joy and lots of good cheer
Friends and family gather from near and far away
To share the warmth of the season, on this special day

6. What can I wish you this Easter?
You are already so rich in all the things that really count…
You have a loving heart, a joyous spirit,
And a positive outlook on life…
So, the only wish I can possibly make for you today
Is that some small measure of the joy you bring to others
Will return to you now to brighten your Easter and Spring.